News and Covid-19 information

Important information with regard to the Coronavirus.

Catch Up Funding Plan

Remote Learning Provision during National Lockdown January 2021

Remote learning will be provided through Seesaw.

We will provide a combination of pre-recorded teacher video instruction and on-line learning material for all children to access.  Teachers will provide a one hour tutorial each day using Microsoft Teams.

Federation Remote Learning Policy Spring 21 Lockdown Vi

What guidance has the Government given regarding coronavirus?

 What guidance has the Government given to schools regarding providing advice to pupils, staff and parents about coronavirus?

Coronavirus Advice For Education Settings

Respiratory Tract Infections Advice For Parents And Carers Dec 2019

September 2020 Risk Assessment

Parent Guidance for Covid 19 School Absence

Please find below a list of websites you can go on with your child should the school close.

Online Resources Useful Sites

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