School Rules and Discipline

School Motto


School Rules

  • We keep our hands to ourselves.
  • We try our best to complete our tasks.
  • We use our indoor voices inside the building.
  • We always walk around the school.
  • We do not leave the classroom without being told.


The main reward system in school is Surfs. Children can earn Surfs throughout the whole school day for displaying behaviours and efforts that show their understanding the school motto and school rules.

All staff can reward any child with Surfs. For those children that have gone above and beyond Golden Surfs can be earned and these ar e presented in Friday celebration assembly . We have a Surfs shop that is open every 3 weeks, children can save their Surfs to purchase merchandise that is kindly donated by the PTFA.

Each week Certificates for Star of the week for each class are given out in our Friday Celebration Assembly.

Praise and encouragement is always used in lessons and children are rewarded for their individual efforts as often as possible.

Behaviour And Anti Bullying Policy March 2022

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