School Rules and Discipline

Most of the rules deal with safety, movement around the school and thoughtfulness towards others. Children will be made familiar with them as the need arises.

Discipline is mainly instilled by hard work in a stimulating, happy and caring environment. Children are expected to show increasing development of self discipline and control. Children are given verbal guidance on the behaviour expected of them and are required to act responsibly and take a pride in themselves, the school and the village.

Should there be a persistent problem with a child; the school will contact the parents so that the problem can be resolved. The school looks for full support from parents in the matter of discipline.

We are fortunate that the vast majority of our children behave very well as we do set high standards.


We expect our children to –

Be polite and well mannered.
Try to understand other people’s points of view.
Learn to show self discipline.
Listen to adults when they are speaking.
Show respect for people and property.


A range of awards including stickers or stamps are awarded for good work and consistent behaviour. Certificates of Merit are given out weekly in our Good Work Assembly each Friday. ‘Pupil of the Week’ is awarded to pupils for good behaviour.

We also have a house point system and encourage the children to gain house points on a daily basis for their work and behaviour, especially during lunch and play times. The weekly totals are recorded and shared during Friday’s assembly.

Praise and encouragement is always used in lessons and children are rewarded for their individual efforts as often as possible.

A copy of the parents guide on behaviour and discipline can be found here.

Behaviour Policy Guide For Parents Feb 13 Updated

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