After School Clubs

Due to the size of our school at the amount of staff we have its difficult to offer as many clubs as we would like for all children.

However through the use of our dedicated staff and the Inspire + coaching team we are able to provide the following clubs for this team :

Clubs List

Day Club With
Monday Football (yr 1-3) Inspire +
Wildlife Warriors* Miss Thomson
Wednesday Multi-skills (yr 1-3) Inspire +
Reading Booster* Mr Price
Thursday Dance, Gym, Cheer (yr 1-5) Inspire +
Maths Booster* Mr Chipperfield
Friday Netball (yr 1-3) Inspire +
Football (yr 3-6) Mr Chipperfield

* Invitation Only

After School Clubs run from the end of the school day 3.20pm to 4.20pm.

These are mainly free of charge.

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