We strive to deliver the best possible education of all our pupils and to care properly for their health, safety and welfare at all times.  All the staff in this school, teaching and non-teaching, are dedicated to achieving this aim.

From time to time, however, it is possible that you may feel that we have not lived up to your expectations.  If this is the case please tell us.  If you do not tell us, we will not be aware of your concern, and if we are not aware of it there is little we can do to set things right.

So if you have any worry or concern about what is happening in the school

Sometimes parents have said that they would not like to “make a fuss” as they feel that their child may suffer in some way as a consequence.

Every single member of staff in this school has declared their determination that this will never be the case.  If you have a concern please tell us about it.

The school has adopted a “complaints procedure” which gives helpful information on the best way of expressing any such concerns.

A copy of this procedure can be found here.

KAT Complaints Policy

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